Viewing grid columns and rows

Hi ,
can anyone help ,i am trying to see grid columns and rows after declaring grid-template-rows and grid-template columns but not finding any way to see them.

Firefox is significantly better than Chrome for this: go to developer tools, go the Inspector tab, on the right hand side there’s a tabbed pane. Select Layout – if grids are in use on the page, then you can check any/all of the checkboxes under the Grid section, which will highlight grids throughout the page.

On Chrome, the grids will highlight when you mouse over elements in the inspector panel, but you’ll need an extension from the Web Store if you want similar functionality to Firefox – I don’t use Chrome for day-to-day development so can’t advise on what’s the best option there.

Thanks a lot it works. i have one more question , if i have one container containing with 4 div and all 4 div with same class name then using grid, is their any way to make 4 column and border around 4 of them so that i can see the grid gap?