:visited + a:visited

need a site that tells us ALL of the basic info of this :visited thing

if this site doesnt exist that means that nobody can code

cos you cant use something where you arent even shown what it does

  1. how do you make all visited links on a page OR site a diff color ?
  2. what’s diff between :visited + a:visited ?
  3. i specifically want a source that shows what’s difference, and HOW to use them
  4. how do you make all visited links on a page OR site a diff color ? where do we place the specific code ??? and WHY
  5. like in english we put #5 under #4 for reasons hard to explain or show
  6. does where you place a code MATTER ? like in english where you place a word MATTERS ALOT
  7. if it does matter, then how do we know how to do this supposely simple thing ?
  8. oh we cant know without knowing years of css or html ?? really ? is it really that hard to do a supposely simple thing as how do you make all visited links on a page OR site a diff color ?
  9. show steps
  10. list steps in step by step of how

if it’s that hard to do a simple thing then we cant learn code

cos there arent any good sites on the web and that continues to be the case into 2020

  1. how do we know if :visited is html or css or something else ??
  2. what site shows this? want a source, an actually good source
  3. if we cant even know what :visited is, js or python or starwberries or w/e, then there’s no way for anyone to use this thing

this site,

  • List item

does not tell us the basic info of whats diff between a:visited and :visited
so that is a garbage and bad site

this site

  • has diff ways of ‘styling’ - i’ve no idea what ‘styling’ means in this context - it doesnt even show OR explain anything to us - they need to use a REAL LIFE example / analogy, not code terms cos nobody understands code terms. use REAL LIFE words – that normal humans understands not robots

  • also i’ve no idea if this page/site is comprehensive or accurate…

  • and most importantly i’ve no idea what is the best way - and that’s what helpful info is – across all topics & contexts
    not facts, not useless unhelpful stuff like facts

but before anything else, and all of these unhelpful sites is:

how do you make all visited links on a page OR site a diff color ?

or maybe can you not even do that?
maybe that’s not even possible, how would we even know it doesnt even tell us anywhere on this entire web this piece of actually helpful info
well if it’s possible then that answers the question

what are steps?

you know i think geeks call that an ‘alogrithim’ when steps is a much better word, so what’s ‘algo’ and what’s a good source,

cos if there isnt these very basic things still into 2020, then pretty much nobody can learn code - until someone smart solves this core problem and makes better tech, cos clearly the tech is extremely primitive and ppl in the future will say so just as well just as we do of stone wood and salvery hilter etc etrc etc

how confortable are you with css?

because eveything you are asking boils down to find the right css selector, and give the element a color

here about :visited

Additionally, you might want to learn what a CSS pseudoclass is: