Visual Studio Code Newbie Problem

Sorry to write here but i found no other forums to ask a question.

So I am a newbie with Visual studio code.

I was doing website with html and css when out of nowhere the program stopped prompting / predicting what commands I would write. Instead, some strange commands unknown to me appear, like in the attached picture.

I write box in css and instead of showing me prompts like ’ box-sizing’ or so this appear.

What can I do?

Bez tytułu

Is that auto-complete inside a selector? It looks to be an auto-complete for a selector and not for styles inside a selector (if it is inside make sure you have closed the selector).

Did you try just restarting VS Code?

edit: just to be more clear

Outside selector:


Inside selector:


Hello, I restarted VS and it’s okay. Thank you.

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