Voting App, Angular 2 or React?

Hey everyone,

I write web development articles at my blog and I’m looking for some feedback on an upcoming voting app tutorial article.

What seems to be more interesting to you, as an aspiring developer at the moment, an Angular 2 based, cutting-edge TypeScript application or a React/Redux (ES6 JSX) based solution?

If you could cast a vote in the link below it would be great, thanks in advance to everyone!

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Hi there! I am about to start Voting App. But I dont quite get the requirements - what should I use for frontend part of it - I saw some people used React, but in there he recommends to use Angular(but I think would be better Angular2). And if we look at the current demo - it doesn’t seem that Angular has been used here. Thank you!

To be honest, both React and Angular and good matches. The current demo is a Meteor app that uses Angular 1.X for the client side of things, but Angular 2 is superior in every way.

I personally think that Angular 2 is the better match, but as React + Redux is also quite good, I wanted to see what everyone else deems more interesting, as I’ll be writing up a very thorough article on this.

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I’m beginning my voting app right now and also unclear which direction to go in. Leaning toward using react and trying to blast through the remaining projects, though experience with more tools might be better. The generators referenced in the basejump video seem pretty dated. Would love to hear from someone a few weeks into learning angular.

I’d say go with whatever suits you. I finished my voting app about a month back and I used React with React Router and React Stormpath for authentication.