Should I use React or Angular for front-end course projects?


Is it a good idea to make the intermediate and advanced front-end projects in Angular or React? I’m confused because I see that there is no Angular guide now, and React projects only comes at the data visualization course. However I saw that the Local Weather project was made in Angular, after I had delivered my jQuery version of the project.

So now I’m a bit in doubt if it’s a good idea to make projects like Wikipedia Viewer or project in jQuery only? Especially in the later advanced front-end projects. A lot of employers seem to like experience with Angular/React, and I am wondering if Angular or React can help me and simplify the project, maybe things gets overly complicated with jQuery?

If it’s not already obvious - I have very little/none experience with Angular/React.

You may use whatever tools you are familiar with. But if you want to use the projects to teach yourself new tools, that’s totally awesome too.

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