Do I need to know Angular.js to work on Front-end development projects?

If yes, where can I learn Angular.js from? Free code camp doesn’t seem to have the tutorials for it?

You can use whichever tool you prefer, freecodecamp encourages you to use React, but as long as you complete the project, anything is fine.

Hi! you can learn it on Coursera, but Angular.js is old for now and will not be maintained in the future.
You will need front-end framework to work with complicated projects. You can use Angular 2 or React with Redux .

Hi! I would advice you to first learn javascript and if you feel confortable with it you can learn whatever tool you feel confortable with. I think if you master javascript you can learn any framework in maximum 2-3 weeks. If you want to select a javascript framework I would suggest React + Redux beacause it is the most popular now and it will definitely become more popular in the future(It will be maintaind because it is created by facebook, you will have the opportunity to work with react vr - to implement virtual reality or react native - for mobile…). VUE, Angular2 or Inferno are other good options. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot guys!!!