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I can get the site to work on mozilla firefox but cannot get the mobile site to load! And I’m stuck for ideas why. My api projects work on mobile devices.

Btw I spent way too much time trying to implement react, redux, and other view libraries. If I were to do this from scratch again, i would have made it simpler. Felt as though I jumped way too much into the deep end.

My thinking is it is either with express sessions or passport, I have started taking the Coursera Node development class and they mention that mobile has a hard time with express sessions does not scale and to use JSON web tokens instead.


it’s not working for me in chrome, i’m getting this error:

Uncaught Error: Bootstrap tooltips require Tether (

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Thanks Mark!

I added the script to the page. Hopefully, that should solve that specific issues. I’m sure there are plenty of other mistakes. :slight_smile:

Code btw!

Additionally, I could not figure out how to send the oAuth request in a seperate window. And I hate that logging in redirects back to the homepage and refreshes the page!!! Not good for redux and single page applications!

Doesn’t work for me (Chome and Firefox)

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