Voting app with vuejs


Here is my voting app built with vuejs, expressjs: I think, it takes me about 2 weeks to finish everything.

For the vuejs part, i think it is easier than reactjs. I takes me like 2 or 3 day to learn vuejs, vuex. I prefer the vuejs than reactjs because we can separte the html and the js part. The store is also easier to understand and setup.

I also learn to integrate the google analytic.

For the deployment, i install dokku on my server. For me, it was the funniest part because, finally, i can deploy app in my server like heroku or github. In fact, i decide to install dokku on my server because my quota on the heroku is fulled.

The code source:

Please give your feedback.

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Hi, i added some unit test for the frontend. I think, it is very interestting if someone like to practice the TDD (i should make the test first normally but it is not bad to make the test now).

I would add a home menu option to quickly navigate back to the main page without using browser back history btn

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Hi, thank for your suggestion. when you click on the “voting app” menu, it will navigate to the home page or the main page.

The pie charts look great! I love the colors and animation. I agree that VueJS is easier to learn, for me anyway. I’m looking at React now and there’s definitely a difference. But already knowing 1 framework makes it easier to pass the knowledge when learning more frameworks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, man! I love voting apps!
Great job.