Vscode and live server extension

Hi all,

I a trying to use the liver server extension with vscode and this error message keep popping up:Server is Started at port : 5500.

Please help me.


Are you sure it is an error?

If it looks like the following, it just lets you know that is started and on which port you can find the site:


If you enter this in browser url bar it should show your site …

Yes, that is what I see when I click on the go live link button. Thanks

It is not an error infact it is like a notification that your server is up and running.
Go to your browser and enter the following in the address bar to see your site hosted locally.


And you can turn off the live server once you’re done with the job.

Thank you. I’m starting to understand what I need to do now. I will follow your instruction later and let you know how I get on.

I tried entering : http://localhost:5500/ in my URL. It loaded the very first test page which I created but not the one that was open in my VSC.

You can try one of these options:

  1. You need to open that specific html page in your editor section and use the keybinding Alt+L Alt+O. Make sure your cursor is within that tab incase you have multiple tabs open.

  2. You can open that specific html page in your editor and click the ‘Go Live’ button in the bottom right corner of your status bar. Again make sure your cursor is focused in the same tab.

  3. You can browse the sidebar to find your html page in the directory tree of your project, Right click on the desired html page and select ‘Open with Live Server’ option.

  4. If you know the directory of your html page, you can start up the live server through any of the above ways and then in your browser’s address bar enter the path to your html page. For example - http:localhost:5500/public/index.html
    Note that your live server is hosted in the root directory of your project.

This way you will end up on the desired html page that you need to be hosted in your live server. Also the live server extension only hosts HTML pages with CSS and JavaScript.