Vue enable double click for tablet mode

I have a function that opens a modal on double click:

 <span @dblclick="isOpen = !isOpen;" >

It works for laptop/desktop but it doesn’t seem to work on tablet mode. So I’m wondering how to enable double click or double tap for tablet mode?
Any help would be great, thanks!


You will have to implement or find a plugin that does what you want. The double tap is not implemented by the browsers.

As a suggestion, if it’s not really required, use a single click since it’s more intuitive, whereas the user may not know at first glance that they need to double click it.

I hope it helps,


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Thank you! I used vue-touch plugin with a custom event:

VueTouch.registerCustomEvent('doubletap', {
 type: 'tap',
 taps: 2,

and it worked!

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