Waiting For Project Feedback - Survey form

Hello friends, How is my Survey form?
Likes and comments are heartily welcomed.

Here is the link:-

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You might want to choose a “softer” background image. It makes reading the text a bit too hard to read (especially the small labels).

Dude, actually label color is dark black. I don’t why it is working.

Dude, I just removed my background image. I think It’s better.

That’s the thing with CodePen. CSS that you import in the HTML editor are imported last, so they override the CSS that you write in the CSS editor (the HTML editor is only supposed to contain what you would put in the <body> of a page).

You can fix by:

  1. Cut everything between your <head> tags, open the HTML settings, then paste them in the "Stuff for <head>" section.
  2. Add each CSS resource in the <head> section in the CSS settings. A bit more tedious than the above.

Dude I changed a little bit in my CSS. Now it’s working fine.

i love this, especially because its about cats and i could talk about my cat all day looooong…and your form element styling + use of icons is excellent.

but the disappearing/reappearing/slowly blinking title is freaking me out! (just one cat-lover’s opinion)


Thanks, dude…:slightly_smiling_face: