Want a Partner to work on FreeCodecamp daily

Hi my name is Dain, I am currently following FreeCodeCamp curriculum and I like it. I have experience coding previously before discovering FreeCodeCamp. Right now I am building the tribute page. I want a partner who I can code with everyday or every other day for 2 to 3 hours. This is a full time thing for me and I really want to earn the frontend web development certification. I live in Queens New York, United States, which is Eastern time. Personally my goal is to complete the certification in 3 to 4 months. I know that I can, if you know you can do it in less time or more time it doesn’t matter, the idea is to learn from each other and solve problems together while we solve all the algorithms and complete the projects. Google hangout is great and if you are a local in my city thats cool too. I appreciate anybody who want to pair program with me.

Hi Dain.
I was just looking through your progress & your personal portfolio project is marked as completed but has nothing on it.
I am happy to help but I am a lot further through the course than you.

Hi, thank you for the message, I appreciate your help, I’ll be asking you for help in the future when I get to the difficult stuff.

check out this cohort going through all the new lessons.