Want to be web developer...confused

hello everyone. I am new here. I have completed M.tech. in CSE in 2014. I want to be a web developer. Please guide me how do i learn like a beginner.


Don’t worry too much at first, just go through the front end lessons. Do a little bit of coding each day or most days. Have fun learning, and each step as you learn new things you’ll know better about what you want to do or go into specifically.

Good luck!

From where i can get this study material? Is this available here on freecodecam?

You can start learning here on freeCodeCamp. Just learn something new everyday.

Look for the “MAP” on the main page. That’s the list of all the lessons, so just start from the top.
Or just go here for the first lesson: https://www.freecodecamp.org/challenges/learn-how-freecodecamp-works