Want to learn python

Hi, I am new to this forum and want to learn python but don’t know where to start from and also I saw there are different categories, which one should I go for? I am not a beginner in coding, I have done ruby and ruby on rail but want to learn python. if any teacher can help me please.

There is a dedicated series of Python certifications which starts with Scientific Computing with Python. This first certification covers the basics and then you can continue with the other certifications which follow.

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I am also a beginner her and i would love to learn python also.

Good afternoon! If I understand correctly, then I can get this certification first. And after that I can study, for example, the py.game library?

Hello! I myself am just learning Python, and I highly recommend to read:


As chapter 12 kind of just walks you into needing to install packages without really telling you how, and via a more round about method using a custom package that kind of leaves you guessing.

After reading some documentation and some helpful comments on the video, that page is really useful for what you’ll need during this chapter.

Well, if you are new to learning Python, then I will suggest you utilize online resources such as online courses at udemy, Coursera, edX, books, and online communities such as Github, StackOverFlow, Freecodecamp, and many more.
Happy Learning