New to coding - backend

Hi, just starting to learn coding and its seems very overwhelming with all the content and learning material available . After doing research I’ve decided I want to start learning backend development. I have no idea what course to start with. I started on Python on Exercism doing the course and after asking a question on the discord , one person recommend i come to this website to learn instead. Where should I start? I also stumbled upon the youtube channel and this looked interesting as well:

Python for Beginners – Full Course [Programming Tutorial] - YouTube

any advice would be terrific or a source to figre out all my questions.

Thank you so much!

For certification courses(with video instructions, Q&A and projects) about Python here, you may begin with Scientific Computing with Python Certification, then Data Analysis with Python Certification, or College Algebra with Python Certification if you want to work with some maths stuff with Python, and finally Machine Learning with Python Certification if you want to further digging deep learning.