Wasted money on egghead , can i get it back?


Just 2 days back i subscribed to egghead.io , in a bit to learn more JS and react, however i am aghast at the quality of tutorial …

So i was learning about join and the guy jumps to teaching about file pattern to explain, on slice he is talking about reduce …which i am really weak at …

All tutorials are like this …

Can any one tell me if i can get the money back , there is no contact info on their site …

Also is there any better subscription site , kindly guide …

I need to learn below topics ASAP …

Higher-order functions
JavaScript Arrays in Depth (Map)
Reduce Data with Javascript Array
ES6/ES7 syntax


Cant recommend any site similar to egghead … but while your looking for a site to subscribe to id recommend checking out the guy on Fun Fun Functions … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1cgjhGzsSYb1rsB4bFe4Q

He covers probably all those things your are looking to learn and I find him very good plus very enthusiastic .


Wow there’s absolutely nothing about refunds in their TOS.

I did notice a little chat bubble down at the lower right corner that I can click on and do a search. So I tried “refund” nothing came up BUT after you do that there is a “send a message” button that opens up a tiny form you can put your email and message in. No idea if that’s going to get you anywhere in long run, but at least it’s a point of contact for these people.


@JohnL3 - thank you so much for the link, i will have a look, by subscription i meant paid sites like egghead, udemy etc…

@dlyons - yeah no option , thankfully i went for monthly not yearly , i had some money though to spend on some books and subscription , i really need to learn the below topics Asap, can you suggest some good links … thanks


Check out Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts


@owel - thank you so much , i had purchased the course some months back and it was very useful , however the lack of practical examples to go with it made it a bit difficult when i tried some code work … However i will have a look at it again as you have recommended it …


however the lack of practical examples to go with it made it a bit difficult when i tried some code work

Anthony’s teaching style isn’t coding an actual project from start to finish (though in the later chapters, he may do a simple application walk-through, a very simple bare-bones application again just to review the concepts).

His style is more: Introduce and explain a concept, explain that concept using the simplest demo code, Run and step into the code line by line, explaining how it works, and using the code’s output as proof that the concept works the way he explained it.

I find the side-trip “Asides” he have in his course to be very helpful and important (where he explains a term, or phrase, or a “big word”) before he tackles the main concept he wants to explain.

Sometimes I have to replay a chapter several times, to really get it. Sometimes I have to skip a chapter, and just come back later to it to take a break.

And of course, having your editor open and going along and trying out the same concepts ingrain into your head what he’s trying to explain. Also helps if you do “what if I do this” in your own code… and experiment.

Personally, I find other instructor’s style of coding a project from start to finish to be boring… not unless the project he’s building is also the same project I need to build, then I can just copy his code… and therefore, I’m not learning as much. I feel like a monkey just copying… then when it’s time to code my own project, It’s hard to get started.


You could try contacting them on twitter: https://twitter.com/eggheadio?lang=en

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@owel - thanks , i will study the course again …
@IsaacAbrahamson - yes i have sent them a message via their web site , i will contact them via twitter on monday …thanks


I don’t know anything about egghead, but I might be able to help with the JS/React resources.

Here’s a list of 15 free JS eBooks you can peruse through a browser.

You could also try Mapt. It’s Netflix for tech ebooks at $20/mo, and there’s some good stuff on there. I remember seeing JS and React books there. There’s a free trial and they don’t make a huge ordeal out of canceling the subscription.

Oh, and then there’s Hacker Shelf. Free eBooks, could only find one on React but loads on JS.


That sucks. I’ve never found an issue with Egghead, but afaik its primary audience is experienced developers who need to quickly get up to speed on a new framework; I’ve used it for Redux, RxJS and CycleJS, and it’s been generally excellent. Seconding direct messaging them on Twitter as your best bet. They’re a tiny company so if you can get on to someone you should be able to sort something out.

You need an overview of functional-style JS concepts? Currying and recursion aren’t important for the majority of the JS you’ll write, are they actually important things for you to learn? Closure is extremely simple, but in my experience the explanations do not tend to make sense until you’ve written a bunch of JavaScript. Then you look at an explanation one day and wonder why you were stuck on it.

Also, related to promises & before you lose access, this is only like ten minutes and it’s excellent (and the loop in the last video should work in newest browsers now afaik, shouldn’t need a library to make it work): https://egghead.io/courses/asynchronous-javascript-with-async-await


@DanCouper - thank you so much , i am reading since yesterday from this free ebook - https://leanpub.com/understandinges6 , from Mr. Zakas, is this a good resource ?

As i had posted earlier , i need to learn react native , for that i need to learn react js and for that i need to learn all the above JS topics , i will be joining as a team member in a project on react from mid april…

I have improved a bit but not to the level of project making, i try and get stuck , i have read a lot and seen a lot of videos but still not confident …

I will go thorough the egghead link and books site link, but time is now getting very tight, i did all the steps in JS here at Freecodecamp but have not been very useful so far, the community support is great though …

So in the end can i depend on - https://leanpub.com/understandinges6 or should i switch to http://exploringjs.com/es6/



I recommend you to read You don’t know JS series, it covers all the topics you asked. it’s free you can read it on github https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS.

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Ok, so you have until mid April and you need to learn React Native.

  1. Do some basic React tutorials: you need to know how to structure a React component, what state and props are, how to use JSX.
  2. Start with React native basic tutorials.
  3. When you get stuck on something look it up.
  4. Build stuff with React Native.

You need to know React a bit at first, but React is not a difficult thing to learn, it should take you a few days to be able to build basic things. You won’t find tutorials that don’t use modern (ES2016/17/18/etc) syntax, look up anything you’re not sure about in the Zakas or Raushmayer books, doesn’t matter which, both authors are excellent.

  • You need to be able to build basic React apps: how components are structured, what state/props are, how to use JSX. This is not complex, just find and follow tutorials.
  • You need to know how to use array methods, it’s basic JavaScript, and among other things, you need to use them to iterate within JSX.
  • You don’t need to know promises (callbacks are fine, but promises are quite nice to use). Look for tutorials just on promises, try a few until the concept clicks. you can generally use aysync/await as well, it’s often much easier to understand.
  • You don’t need to know recursion to write any React.
  • You don’t need to know currying to write any React.
  • A higher-order function is a function that returns a function. It’s not a particularly important thing to understand as regards React, though it can be useful.

You’re overthinking things, and you need to focus on the thing you’re supposed to be doing (React Native) as soon as possible, going off and learning a load of JS concepts in depth then learning React in depth before you start on native is just you procrastinating. Focus on Native, you will pick up the other things as you go


@DanCouper - OMG thank you so much , you have made the thing clear to me , all this time i was worried about knowing indepth topics in JS , i will keep them aside and practice them daily along with reacjs now …

Now that i have the membership of egghead.io , i can try this course - https://egghead.io/lessons/react-introduction-to-the-beginner-s-guide-to-reactjs

they seem to cover a lot of basic reactjs topics, they also have this - https://egghead.io/browse/frameworks/react

May be i should focus on them, thank you so much , i will update in next 15 days about my progress …



If you aren’t happy with the content at egghead you could email support and request a refund - I cannot promise you’ll get one - they may want feedback on how they could improve before processing your refund, of course it depends on the content you are viewing, not all content’s quality is equal.

More and more these days I learn most stuff by reading the documentation, video tutorials and stuff feels boring to me as they drag the basics on and on and on. Though it’s just personal preference and this doesn’t apply in all cases.

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@anon52159105 - thank you so much , you just wrote the thing in my mind, the stuff claims to be repeating same stuff, the problem i had with egghead was that most stuff assumes a lot of prior knowledge thought they seem to say word like from “beginning” …

But as @DanCouper has suggested the stuff is mostly for experienced devs …

I have not requested for refund as there are some courses on react , so i will check then out , may be some can be of use …


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I’m not going to tell you to not use egghead, however if you’re only keeping it for React, the ReactJS Documentation (https://reactjs.org/docs/hello-world.html) is easy to read and the site has a full tutorial to help you get started.

The majority of my React knowledge came either from reading the documentation or with first hand experience working on a few PRs to the platform side of freeCodeCamp’s Gatsby powered guide.

Everyone learns differently of course, but keep in mind that resources other than egghead exist for React :smiley:

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I agree egghead is incredibly intimidating when you come from a very basic JS background. But if you cover your bases and go back, it’s such a great resource. Anthony Alicea’s course is ideal for that particular situation.
I bought egghead for the angular full course, and I got much more than that.
I also discovered a course on data structures and algorithms that it’s just by itself it’s worth the entire membership. HIGHLY recommended! I’d suggest don’t cancel it yet and try out for the data structures and algorithms course. It’s the most complete one

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I would just use Udemy and buy per course. That’s how I learned and it’s way cheaper.

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