Ways to contribute money question?

I was looking at ways to contribute money to freeCodeCamp, and scrolled down to crypto currency but didn’t see an option for BAT. I currently use the Brave Browser so it’s not a problem all I do is click the BAT icon and donate freely…But it would be good for your not for profit to mention it to other’s so they know they can download the Brave Browser and donate to you by using the tokens they get from watching ads on the browser, it maybe a good source of income…

I’m about to start putting your website on my monthly contribute list and it would be nice to know that you guys are receiving the tokens by acknowledging that you use that method for contributing.

Does freeCodeCamp accept donations in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies?

Yes. Our cryptographically signed wallet details are here.

From the FAQ

Thanks for the information, but still doesn’t mention that you can also send BAT VIA browser ads from Brave.

I don’t know what BAT is, but presumably it uses one of those cryptocurrencies under the covers.

BATS pretty cool, it’s a coin/token that the Brave browser puts out for watching ads.

Freecodecamp.org appears as a verified publisher under my BAT icon so…

If you want to learn more about BAT => https://batcommunity.org/index.html

If you want to learn about the Brave Browser => https://brave.com/

As far as confirming if this site is a Brave Content Provided IDK, it’s listed as one so…I would assume they accept BAT

Yes, you are correct.

We are officially verified publisher with Brave and you can support us by using freeCodeCamp.org on the Brave browser.

Thanks for your support.