Weather and Wikipedia API Projects

I am submitting two projects for your review:

My Weather Report:

My Wikipedia API:

All comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Sheryl Calish

Its work well, good job! :slight_smile: In the weather app, why you add the whole code of the input on the request? Anyway, I think that is better add some design to that button with this:

  border-radius: 4px;
  margin-left: 10px;

For the Wikipedia project, consider the following two suggestions,

  1. Users on laptops or desktops typically appreciate a site where they can simply hit their “Enter” key and get result instead of having to use the mouse to click the Submit button.

  2. On a mobile device, you should probably center the results content, because the articles are squeezed so much that a user has to scroll very far down to read all of them.

IPhone 7 screen width below

I think I got it now. Here is the revised Wikipedia API project: