Weather App - Problems I want to solve!

Hi guys, this is actually my first time posting! I finally created a functioning weather app but I have a few problems I cannot seem to solve by myself… Please help and thank you in advance for helping!

Problem 1. My weather app doesn’t work when opened through messaging apps and/or on some Androids.

Problem 2. How the location is displayed is inconsistent. Sometimes a detailed address. Sometimes a general neighborhood location. I don’t want to show a detail address of the user’s location. I want to show Country, State, City, and a neighborhood ALL THE TIME. I’ve read the documentation on Google Maps API and I thought I coded correctly… But I guess not… Why inconsistent though?

Problem 3. The smily icon displayed on Mac Sierra. I want to display a simple smiley not the Mac emoji… Is there anything I can do about it?

Problem 4. Loading time is too long?

Thank you thank you thank you!

Let me try your suggestions NOW! I’ve been wanting to solve these for a couple days.

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