Weather application search box is not working

I have been trying to search a city in weather app using fetch api but when i enter a city name to search but the searching is not working and it throws an error here’s my updated code GitHub - naima-shk/Weather-Application

A 404 generally indicates that the url you asked for doesn’t exist. I’d suggest looking closely at the address you’re using to access the API, i do see what i think is a typo in it. Are you missing a / between 2.5 and weather?

@snowmonkey No , I did not miss / I have tried a lot but the error is still there…plz check my updated code…

Look at the text of the error: you’re hosting in a secure site (https://) but requesting insecure data (http://openweatherapi...).

Change the http to https in your url for the rather api, that should help.

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