Weather | JSON API

I am completely dished by Weather Zip. Didn’t have any issues with the geloloc piece or capturing the returned data as a variable to use with the Weather Underground URL, but from here, everything tanked.

So I thought, ok, just lose the geologic piece for a moment and concentrate on a simple $.ajax to the WU API, just to make sure the data calls are correct. To this effort I have made the most basic script and still no joy.

When someone can, could you please take a look at my script? Mahalo Nui.

P.S. I did check the url and it returns keys and values, even tried DOT notation on the MyHood variable…

There’s something wrong with your button. I get an error message in the console saying that it can’t find getJson. I have no idea why.

Appreciate that sfiquet… actually I figured some other things out with the WU API, which I am definitely going to document.