Web development barriers for non-CSEs

From a non-CSE background, what obstacles do I have to face to become a web developer? What can be done to overcome them? I appreciate your help in advance

HI @TanvirHossain !

I started learning how to code during the summer of 2020 using freecodecamp and some other resources.
Built a few projects on my own.
Got really active in the dev community.
Did some contract work as a part time junior dev.
Then started working in my first full time dev role in early 2022.

At the entry level, getting a job as a junior web developer is really competitive because everyone is looking for a job. The main barrier is simply competition. It is important that you stand out.

It is really important that you get involved with the developer community and start to make connections.
That can help you get interviews when you start looking for work.
Also make sure to build projects outside of a class that took some time to build.
When it comes to building out your portfolio of projects to show to employers, avoid the same cookie cutter class projects.
Class projects are great for learning but when you are applying for a job you need to stand out.
You will also need to research on how to create a strong resume, linkedin profile, and portfolio.

A lot of people only focus on the code part and don’t put enough attention into the job materials and it ends up hurting them in the end.

Here are some resources that will help you land more interviews and eventually land a job without a CS degree.

Danny Thompon’s Linkedin series
Leon Noel’s How to network class
Leon Noel’s How to create a good resume
Leon Noel’s How to land an interview class

Hope that helps!


The main obstacles, and this applies to CS grads as well, is how difficult it is to land an entry level job and how much rejection you will face.

But as a general rule of thumb, if you keep moving forward, building your portfolio and experience, you will get where you want to go, because there is a demand for good software engineers.

The only determinant of success really is how committed you are.

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