Website has been crashing for me

I’ve been doing the react course, and at random times it seems the tab temporarily freezes, then there’s this memory leak or something. Like my ram usage will incrementally go up from 30 to 95% usage, in increments of about 2-4%. I have 16gb of ddr4 3000 ram. Strangely enough it doesn’t always happen, but when it starts it’s hard for me to make it stop. It happened one day, it stopped for a few days, now it’s happening again today. Anybody have any tips?

Hello there,

If this is occurring solely whilst you are working on the React course, it has happened to other users, if they accidentally render a component within itself (or call a parent component within its child component). Can you be sure this is not the case for yourself?

If you are sure this is not the case, which browser are you using, and do you have any React/Redux related extensions?

Yes that’s actually exactly what happened. The first time I noticed that I did it, and thought it might be the reason but because I had tried other stuff and it was still broken, I discredited the idea. The second time I didn’t even notice I did it. Refreshing the page won’t help, nor will closing the browser, only clearing cookies and cache or whatever with ccleaner will it start running again. Why does this phenomenon happen btw?