What are intermediate steps to do to get ready for the first challenge?

I have no idea what to do.

The tutorials section for HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery were too easy. I went through all of them just mindlessly repeating what was put in front of me and don’t remember any of it now. Then I look at the tribute page challenge and am stumped on what to do. It doesn’t help that I went through CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery all in one day and forgot everything overnight.

What are some things that I can do that are between the levels of difficulty in the tutorials and the tribute page challenge? Things to get me ready for the challenge.

I am a quick forgetter.I managed to solve this issue by creating a lot of files filled with short examples and short comments explaining the code.Everytime I learn something new, I put it in my “encyclopedia”.
These folders of files are sorted by level of difficulty and have explicit filenames describing the topic, like padding-margin.html, or jquery-selectors.js.
I also have one .txt file in each folder that includes the list of all topics of the folder, exercices, external links, etc…So if I forget something, I can practice and learn it again in a few minutes/hours.

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There is no easy answer. You just have to keep hacking away at it until it starts to stick.
When you get completely stuck, i.e. no idea how to start, search the net for examples of what you are trying to do. Type the examples in (don’t copy/paste) then play with them. Think about different ways to do the same thing, try breaking them and investigate why they broke, so you’re sure you know why it broke.
It seems impossible at times, but we’ve all been there.
Sorry there’s no answer for you … just keep on keeping on. It’s a hard slog but the sense of achievement when things start to come together makes the hours of poking around in the dark worth it.

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