What are some of the best Tech blogs to subscribe to?

I am new to the world of coding and I have recently started learning web development. I am curious as to which tech blogs I should follow that will keep me updated with the latest trends in software and web development. Which technology blogs do you usually follow to stay updated and relevant?

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When I was starting out I followed tons of blogs/news posts/tech-sites via their rss feeds rather than focusing on only specific blogs/news sites.

I still think thats the right way to go about it initially as you really want to just get awareness of whats out there. You can always unsubscribe from the blogs/news sites you follow or add onto the list. Just try not to “learn everything”, just know enough to be aware of what you can go out and really learn.

Think of something, anything you want to learn as of right now and just google “X blog” or “X news” and follow that site/news how you want. I could dump out a list of all the stuff I follow, but it wont be the same as all the stuff someone else follows, or might even be stuff you should care about haha.


I have subscribed to a number of Tech blogs by email and I get regular updates from them. But sometimes it gets overwhelming because you start reading about all those new technologies and emerging trends and you start wondering about your own approach.
I suggest not to follow too many blogs and stick to the most relevant ones that post about your topic of interest.
Here are my Top 3 favorite Tech blogs:

But you should definitely try to discover more blogs that are closely related to your topic.

Just like what @bradtaniguchi said, setup a rss feed. Some of the dev news sites I would track would be: dev.to, and hackernews.

Those are really good to follow