What do I download?

Pls which app do I download for practicing web design?

I don’t have any recommendations for downloadable apps but I was wondering if you meant “web design” or “web development”? That is, do you want to learn to code or are you just interested in making pretty websites?

FreeCodeCamp teaches responsive web design online (here)

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Pls what’s the difference :question:

“learn to code” = “web development”
“web design” = “making pretty websites”

You can use the terms interchangeably in some ways but the design is often just the look and the development is the actual coding of the site.

A web designer might just use something like Figma to create the look and then a web developer might take that design and code it.

Edit: If you are looking for a code editor I would suggest VS Code. If you are looking for a design tool you can check out Figma. If you want to learn how to code check the link already posted.

Thank you very much. :grin:

In that case I meant web design .

So, do you have any app?

I’m still not sure you have explained what you really mean by “practicing web design” but if it is a design tool I already suggested Figma.

If you want to learn to code, use freeCodeCamp.

If you want to practice implementing designs in code look at the Frontend Mentor site.

Thank you very much.

Pls how do I use the app I just signed up.

Look at the docs.


Thank you very much.

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