What do you think? (some motivation pls) :#

I’m 14 and wondering if I will have a future in web development…!?
Is there any chance to start making money when I get 16?
I’ll let you some projects down below, please say to me what you think.
Latest (sorry for the language):


And now some old ones…
https://www.razvanel.cf/projects/burger-pure-css/ (just css)
https://www.razvanel.cf/projects/pizza-pure-css/ (just css)

You need to make your weather app work regardless of the screen size. I see the following when I view with my pc.

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You could follow the instructions, is not a big deal to resize a browser…by the way, that “exit”/“close”/x is a button too…press it.

One thing I have learned in the past 16 years of web development is people do not want to be forced to do anything. They just want it to work. I am merely giving you advice based on my own experience in running a web development business as a career. You are the one who asked for feedback for your project and I was just trying to help you with some real world insight.

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Oh, don’t understand it like that.
I appreciate your feedback. I get it now… :slight_smile: and thanks.

No problem. Just glad to help.