What external sites do you use to learn?

Guys, please help me, what kind of tutorial in what site did you learn CSS dan HTML , especially bootstrap?

i am kinda confuse about what will i do to make a progress…

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a good start here mate - take a look at the playlist section. He has playlists on all that you mentioned you’d like help with.


W3 Schools is ok. Not the best though.

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I’ll second Net Ninja. I’ve “known” CSS for years, but I’ve always felt like an imposter and a hack, so I made it a point to do a month-long deep-dive into CSS. The Net Ninja CSS For Beginners made up the entire first week, and it was phenomenal. After that, he’s got playlists for things like flexbox, animations, and bootstrap.

Follow along with those and build some projects as you go.

For beginners there is https://dash.generalassemb.ly/,

you follow very short demos on specific projects, you play around with the classes etc, then you make your own (very small) project. I’d say it introduces you to it, so maybe that’s not what you’re looking for.

This gives you a quick overview and Derek offers sample code (see links in the description)

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https://teamtreehouse.com/home its has a 25$ monthly subscription but it also offers 7 day free trial, even if you can’t afford or dont want to pay I recommend you take the 7day trial

https://teamtreehouse.com/library/how-to-make-a-website ( I suggest you start with this one since its all about HTML & CSS)
https://teamtreehouse.com/library/framework-basics (a good overall tutorial about bootstrap)

I learnt for free with CodeCademy. It helped me understand basic JavaScript and also how to use css correctly. I suggest you to try it.

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what? that’s weird ask it inside freecodecamp, because, you can learn all this right here, right now… just go to freecodecamp.com

and bootstrap is so easy, you just need read the documentation, it’s just class… i think you can stuck only in grid system, but is easy too

The Net Ninja Bootstrap Tutorial is the best I have seen so far. Net Ninja has also introductions to HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery and a lot more. Have a look! [http://www.thenetninja.co.uk/courses](http://www.thenetninja.co.uk/courses
For HTML and CSS I would recommend to read this http://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/, it’s really easy understandable written.
MDN has also an Introduction to Web Development. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn
I would also try https://www.codecademy.com/ the courses are free just some extras are not free.
Or get Jon Duckett’s books.

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My personal opinion you need to learn HTML and CSS first, then Bootstrap.

Why? Because HTML & CSS are written in standards and they are not going to disappear. And Bootstrap is only a TOOL for developers. One(i think not the best in it’s category) of many others!

I recommend Learn to Code HTML & CSS by Shay Howe. This book has beginner and advanced topics.

Wish you luck!:palm_tree:


I learned from Codecademy.

I preferred the self-paced reading, over watching videos, which you may need to pause.

I suggest finding a tool that matches your learning style, whether it’s videos, interactive lessons, reading, etc.


I recommend this site it helps me understand HTML very quickly. There are also tons of other information regarding CSS and Javascripts which should help you get on track!

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The foundation of my learning is W3Schools.
But a learn some good techniques at CSS-Tricks and Sitepoint.

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Because w3schools is always mentioned!

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Codecademy and Khan Academy both have courses with some interactivity. I did find FCC’s HTML & CSS resources very incomplete/

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pluralsight has many courses on react, angular, angular 2, java, css, bootstrap etc. It also has a javascript path at https://app.pluralsight.com/paths/skills/javascript

You can get a free pluralsight account with a free microsoft visual dev essentials account.

Someone else already mentioned him but Derek Banas is awesome. He’s the human version of C3PO (knows tons of languages). Here’s his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/derekbanas

Here’s his website: http://www.newthinktank.com/

Best of luck!