What is AMP? Is it worth for mobile focused websites?

Hi Friends!

Actually I struggle to really understand AMP technology and would like you to ask about your opinion. What we need to concider when we use AMP?

I use it for a wordpress website, but how can we implement AMP with react js? Is there something ike a library for that or is it not really neccessary?


tl/dr: no

AMP is an “open source library” (in quotation marks) of components for media publishers (newspapers et al). So the idea is that you write an AMP version of your website that uses AMP components. And all the pages on your site get cached on Google servers. And then users of your site experience a super speedy site.

It’s mainly used because Google told media organisations that if they didn’t do this their site would be deprioritised in Google search results. So they all spent millions on building AMP-enabled versions of their sites.

Then Google said last year (iirc, may have been year before?) that they weren’t deprioritising non-AMP sites any more, that they were using a different set of criteria instead. So they pushed AMP aggressively to the point most media organisations content now lives on Google servers, then they dropped it.

It is generally considered a Very Bad Thing. The actual idea of stripping out everything that isn’t needed, use tech that makes sure websites load really quickly, that by itself is fine. What’s not fine is that Google forced this to happen for what looked very much like a way to get all the data onto Google servers to be mined. And all links in the site go through Google instead of directly to/from/in your site.

It may well make your site load a bit faster for users. That’s about it. Google now has a set of recommendations instead, and AMP is just the aforementioned open source library. If you use AMP, Google allegedly might still prioritise your site in search results, even though it says this is not the case.

You don’t, it’s for web pages, not single page JavaScript applications (I mean. You can, but there seems to be absolutely no point to trying to do that).


Thanks you for the answer.

It seems like there is a lot of noise out there around AMP. Some of my clients has an AMP version for his website, but it is not a hughe newspaper website, it is just a blog around gardening and I guess this makes no sense for this kind of website but causes him a lot of trouble with installed Wordpress Plugins.

People try to do anything to get better search results, but I guess this is not the best way to archive this goal by useing AMP for a blog website.

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