What is better - developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript (sublinks) or You-Dont-Know-JS book?

Hmm, to me it seems like documentation is always superior to a book - the same goes for Java/Python’s documentation.

It seems very deep at first, but at the end, people use most of the language futures to let’s say solve problems on codewars.com and the same seems to be true when going thru public repos on Github. Other plus seems to be - how up to date documentation is compared to some old answers from stack overflow or trying to use Bootstrap 3 from w3chool docs to work with Bootstrap 4…

If you disagree - you are welcome to try to change my mind - that’s why I created this topic in the first place.

Thanks in advance, Conrad.

The best material is the one the student can understand at his own personal level in this journey.


I find it’s best to use a range of sources for solid understanding - reading through books such as YDKJS is great for getting to grips with the language holistically, but I frequently dip into MDN docs to properly understand a particular feature of the language

Varies. i have MDN W3schools youtube devDocs and more as one key search engines, i don’t often go to a book for reference. in fact i don’t think i have ever read a coding book. i almost bought this 800 page book on d3…but im a newb so however i can learn something is the best way.

*his or her. Girls learn things too[0].

[0] was a teacher