You Don't Know JS series vs Beginning JavaScript

is there anyone who has experience with both of these books? which one should i take? p1xt’s guide suggests You Don’t Know JS, while suggests Beginning JavaScript book. got any ideas?

I haven’t used Beginning JavaScript. I have read You Don’t Know JS, as well as most of Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (the other book recommended by

It looks to me - based on the rest of the guide and the description on, that Beginning JavaScript is going to be a much more gentle introduction to the language. If you decide to use that book, you might benefit from working through YDKJS afterward.

i got some experience in programming in general (edx 600, cs50), i am looking for a book, with deep understanding and also with practical examples diy, sorta things. i think i should choose ydkjs right?

If it were me, that’s probably where I’d start. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

It doesn’t offer a lot by way of practical examples/diy projects, though. There are code examples that illustrate concepts (and I’d definitely recommend playing around with those and maybe trying to create your own programs and examples as you read). If you did CS50, though, I think you should be fine - that course gives you a lot of practice at careful reading and figuring things out. :slight_smile:

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