What Is Going On With the Tribute Page Challenge in Legacy Certificate?

The challenge looks different (as if the challenge page has been refactored). It used to have a field to enter and submit a url. Now it does not and it appears as other challenges do where it tests it right there on the fcc website (on the challenge page).

Where is the place to submit a url? I’ve invested heavily in setting up my workflow and development environment for that - not something else. Is this a breaking change for me then? It was my STRONG preference to develop in THAT environment.

Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

The new Responsive Web Design curriculum content has been released.


  1. Can I complete the old content?
  • Yes. The old content is still available, and has been moved to the bottom of the curriculum map and renamed to Responsive Web Design Legacy
  1. What will happen to my progress?
  • Nothing. Your past progress will still be available in the Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Can I claim the old certificate?
  • The certifications are exactly the same. All you need to claim a certificate is to complete the 5 Certification Projects which are identical for both the Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Should I stop doing the legacy content, and just start over with the new content?
  • This is entirely up to you. Majority of the topics are the same - just taught in a different way. (See Project-Based Curricula)
  1. How do I use the new editor?
  • The new editor is as close to an external text editor as we wanted to get it. If the files for the challenge have been enabled, you can access the index.html and styles.css tabs which you should use for the respective code.
  • Two main differences between this editor and other online editors:
    • You need to link your styles.css file to your HTML (just like you would in real web-development), by adding the following line to the head of your HTML:
<link href="styles.css" />
    • You are encouraged to include the DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags for each project.

I explicitly asked about this prior to choosing which cert to begin…

Nevertheless the original question in this post is not really being addressed…

The challenge has been changed and (it seems) breaking changes were introduced. - i’m taling about the tribute page (and possibly other project based challenges) in the legacy certificate
It was not like this when I started this challenge

Can I have a response to the actual question? Why was the original format changed in the legacy certificate? And where / when were we notified of this?

You should be able to easily transfer your work to the new editor. Codepen does some non-standard stuff that is not representative of actual development.

Also, with the old process of submitting a link, we couldn’t verify that you actually submitted a link to passing code.


Thanks a lot

I’m glad I could explain what’s going on.

As I said, this is part of why the changes were made. The beta was announced some time ago and has finally gone live as the primary version of the curriculum.

I understand that you are upset, but this wasn’t done on a whim. We’ve been working on this curriculum update for quite some time.

Is the CDN link (for testing) going to continue to be available?

Can I still develop using the workflow I have set up?

Please give me some specifics to use as a basis for making a decision going forward

I’m not sure if that specific script for testing in codepen will still be available in the future.

You can develop however you prefer, but you need to transfer your content to the new editor for submission. Plenty of people develop the Javascript project solutions in a separate environment and transfer their work into the freeCodeCamp editor - you certainly can do something similar for the HTML/CSS projects.

Any new Responsive Web Design projects that you have not already submitted will need to be submitted through the freeCodeCamp editor. You can continue to work on your project using other platforms (including local development), but in order to submit a project you need to copy it over. If you have difficulty moving a project from CodePen (or elsewhere), people on the forum will try to help figure it out.
I suspect that there are not plans to remove the CDN testing link anytime soon, but it is possible that the tests may not be exactly the same.

When software changes, it can be a bit of a shock to our systems, but this is something that the team at freeCodeCamp has been working on for years and is very excited to finally release.

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I think you should be able to develop locally using the test script. However, there may have been slight changes to some of the tests. But nothing major I think.

For example, I noticed that for the Tribute Page the image tests with the test script didn’t care how you targeted the image but with the new curriculum it seems you have to target it using the id.

At least it seems like that is the case, but that might just be an oversight, as you really should be allowed to target the image however you like.

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