What is happening in this loop?

In one of the challenges it asks to use a while loop to fill an array of descending numbers. I know I can just use an ascending loop and unshift but this was my initial plan and I’m getting errors I don’t understand.

// Setup

var myArray = [x];

// Only change code below this line

var b = 6;

while(b > 0){






Like I understand if I get the wrong range of numbers or one of them is undefined because while loops do an extra iteration but why so many undefined?

What exactly is this?

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And what is this? Is x defined somewhere else?

Sorry first time using forum.

X should not be there. It’s the setup for the challenge and I’m not supposed to change it, it’s an empty array.

var myArray = [];

OK, then we are back to Jeremy’s idea. What if you did:


We don’t think that that b represents what you think it does.

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YES thank you so much. This helped me see it better. I was outputting the index not the array itself so of course the index of an array that it doesn’t have would be undefined.

var b = 5;

while(b > -1){





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