WHat is the best text editor?

Hello, good evening. I’m new coding, I’ve been using sublime text but it didn’t link to css and this make me a little upset, so I’m searching another option ¿What do you recomend?

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Hi @Herculeskan,
I would highly recommend trying out Visual Studio Code for any level of coding experience one has. Sublime is also good.
It has tons of extensions, debugging tools, and one of the popular feature is custom code-snippets that speeds up the coding process.
Check it here: https://code.visualstudio.com

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I’m not sure what “link to css” means. But sublime is a good editor. I currently use Visual Studio Code and have used Atom in the past.

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In my opinion, Visual Studio Code is the best editor I have used so far and used by many as well. It’s quite robust for many use cases and languages.

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You’d have to try and explain what you mean by “link to css” a bit better. Sublime might already do what you’re hoping it does through a plugin.

To answer the question though, there is no “best” code editor. Sublime is a favourite for a lot of people but all of the popular ones are good choices. It just comes down to personal preference.

Specifically for web development I started with Sublime, then Atom, then VS Code. I keep giving IntelliJ products a try but tend to keep going back to VS Code which remains my primary code editor.

NOTE PAD !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Jokes a part i think VS code is the best editor out there, it’s probably the one with most features and external plugins that helps you organize your code , but in the end any editor is good it’s just a matter of preference like the android/iphone debate

I doubt the issue you are having is because of the editor.

But I would suggest VS Code as well. Or VIM if your not a quitter (it’s a joke, people struggle to exit it Amazon: How to Exit Vim).

thank you so much to everyone, I’ll instal vs code right now. I’m not good speaking english but you advice made me feel better.

I like any thing by jetBrains for a paid editor.
VScode is a good free editor as is brackets.

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