What is The cost of a website like fmylife.com

What would it cost per year to create and run a website like fmylife.com, knowing that i will do the coding myself?

I mean the online server space i’ll need and how much it costs, and domain name… Please add what else i also need and why and how much it costs too.

It depends, it always depends - how much traffic should it deal with? How much storage does it need?

Depending on that, you could use a free option, like Heroku free tier, or you would need to use a paid tier

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Yeah, I agree with what ilenia says.

You may want to start out with free options like she mentioned just to prove the concept. But those will be slow and may have limited storage. You get what you pay for…

If you want to go into production, there are plenty of pay services out there for hosting servers and DBs. I don’t know them all, but I know there are places like AWS where you can get billed based on usage. Presumably if you are selling advertising (like the site you mentioned) you would go through the math of what a user would cost you and how much the advertising will make you. That’s just part of having a business model.

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