What is the difference between Digital Marketing & Advertising?

I am looking for advertising campaign for my new startup but I am having an issue understanding the difference between digital marketing and advertising. I have gone through the following guides but still I have confusion both looks like the same.

Anyone tell me what’s the real difference in both of them?

What seems to confuse you?

I would assume that “Digital Marketing” is a specialized subset of “Advertising”.

Marketing is how you sell and position your company and services.
Are you a low-volume, high end service or are you high-volume, low price option? Nothing wrong with either one.
Do you cater to everybody or just a specific niche?
Do you promote your company as fun and quirky, or serious and all-business.
How do you get people interested in your products or service?
That’s marketing.

Advertising is making people know/learn about your products/services.
It’s just a slice of the big marketing pie.

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I have already asked there but almost all of the people sleeping in community.

I was trying to differentiate between these two services that were provided by most of the companies but in actual what is the difference between advertising and digital marketing?

Digital marketing is promoting your company and products through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. This process is completed through the internet reaching your target customers. For this procedure, you may take help from Digital marketing agency to develop your business.

Whereas advertising means giving advertisements on Televisions, Radios, newspapers and so on which you advertise your company or company products without using any internet channels.

The differences between digital advertising and digital marketing
Digital advertising is a subset of digital marketing
Digital marketing is a process while digital advertising is an activity
Digital advertising is tactical while digital marketing is strategic in nature
Digital advertising creates brand awareness while digital marketing develops the brand
Digital advertising is sales-focused while digital marketing is focused on audience psychology

Read more details: https://docsbay.net/digital-advertising-vs-digital-marketing-what-s-the-difference

The similarities between digital advertising and digital marketing
The ultimate goal is to increase revenue
Digital advertising and digital marketing are linked

I am having problem in differentiating both of them. What actually is digital marketing and advertising? Is both things entirely different?

That mean it both same like both used for company branding? Then what is the different just advertising platforms right?

Ohh man that’s really confusing. Why you making logics? Just tell me the simple way to understand the difference between digital marketing and advertising

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products. It normally includes advertising, which is an attempt to influence the buying behaviour of people.

No, advertising is used in marketing to promote products, it doesn’t matter what medium is used (digital, print, TV, radio etc), it’s still advertising.