Importance of Social Media

Why social media is important for Business now a days?

any marketing channel is important in a business including media ones.

Social Media is useful as a (usually) small part of your PR (Public Relations) and Marketing campaigns. Don’t get carried away. Too much time spent on social media can be a huge waste of time.

@Don-E-S It’s true as you say that it can be a waste of time if too much is spent on it.
@sorinr Is correct in saying that any marketing channel is important.

@Jennifer_5 Both are correct. The thing is to keep a balance.
Twitter is great because it is so easy to re-tweet about a great article or share an idea. As a editor, I use it to promote the articles that I have recently edited.

I also follow my favorite leaders such as Quincy Larson and Beau Carnes.
But I am not on it everyday. I do receive emails letting me know what those I am following are saying so that I can choose to respond.

I’m not on LinkedIn as much, but I’m trying to become a little more active.

And Facebook is personal… although my beta testers on my projects are from my Facebook page. I try to only show up once a week.

Still, all three channels are good outlets for businesses.