What is the difference between jquery and html?

i am quite new to this coding world and am so excited to be gearing up to become a programmer… but what is really the difference between html and jquerry as it appears all web is built on html?

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HTML is the structure of a web page, jQuery is a library to interact with that structure.

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sounds good… so without jquerry the web cant interact with the structure right?

No, you can still interact with it using other libraries, jQuery is just one of those.

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well said… thanks alot…is JQuerry is also known as JavaScript?

It’s javascript library that makes usage of javascript much easier for some purposes.

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Awesome to hear you’re excited to become a programmer. I think you’re in the right place :+1:.

Think of HTML as your site’s foundation. It’s the cement slab and walls that your house is built on. HTML is the structure of your pages (defining headings, paragraphs, images, etc for the browser).

If HTML is the cement slab and walls, JavaScript is the electrical wiring of your house. Extending on JavaScript, jQuery is a collection of prebuilt electrical items such as hot water systems, light switches, and power outlets – you buy these items prebuilt to save time/effort trying to reinvent the wheel (no one wants to build a hot water system when you can easily get a premade unit).

Bonus: CSS is the architectural design of your house, the layout, and paint.


Wonderful analogy :clap:

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