What is the difference between Reactjs and react native?

What is the difference between Reactjs and react native ? Also what is prerequisite to develop mobile apps using reactjs o react native ? is it enough fcc to build mobile apps with react ? Please guide me .

ReactJS is aimed at web browsers whereas React Native is specifically for iOS, Android, Windows mobile applications.

FCC doesn’t have any React Native challenges but if you complete the front-end projects with ReactJS I think you will have enough knowledge to understand the React Native documentation and start developing some mobile apps with React Native.

Otherwise if you are only interested in mobile apps then a better path for you might be to find some React Native courses and just start there.


thank you camelcamper

One more query regarding to React. Is it need react native to learn redux?

I don’t know much about redux.

Redux is a JS library that helps with keeping control of your applications state and seems to be popular (somewhat necessary?) with larger, complex applications

But you can use both React and React Native without Redux

Ok thansks for quick reply.

Maybe make a new thread asking about Redux and someone more knowledgeable can chime in

And then I can also learn something new : )