What is the different of this and how is better

Hi guys,

I found online this sites that allow you to learn programming, what is the best as well as FCC?

All of those are great practice, but learning the freeCodeCamp curriculum will get you the skills needed to develop for the web. Don’t just pick one, do as much as you have time for.

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I’ve never heard of hackajob or spoj, but I can talk about the other two. Fundamentally, they have a different objective than FCC does. FCC will provide you with a path for what you should learn and give you some (but definitely not all) resources you’ll need to succeed. Hacker Rank and Code Wars aren’t necessarily places to learn how to program per say; they’re more of places that will provide problems to help you practice and improve your programming and problem-solving ability. If I were to make any comparison, I’d say they’re similar to the “Algorithm Challenges” that FCC has, but FCC’s sole focus is not to give you those specific types of programming challenges to solve.

I use Code Wars regularly to work through problems, and it can be a fantastic tool when used in conjunction with other learning resources.

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