What is with that zoom

Hello guys, I have a problem with my webpage, it goes crazy when I try to zoom :))… I made the page kinda responsive using css grid (it was the first time when I used that) but now I am getting very frustrated because I cannot zoom without messing up the whole page, divs, layouts, design etc :)).

You can see here what I am talking about:

thank you







You’re on windows. They may call it zoom but they increase the font size instead. On my mac os x I can press cmd and +, and it will increase the font size once. Do it over and over and it will do the same thing you did. My “zoom”, however zooms in at the cursor location until the page extends beyond the edges of the monitor and I have to pan to see what is now off the screen.

You can also prove this on your machine by setting the font size in CSS to that huge font size that you “zoomed” into and it will look the same.