What JS book to read?

I would like to read a book that explains JS in details as I want to know what’s being done under the hood while compiling JS. I am kinda good at Functional JavaScript though.

I am not an English native so reading a book might take a long time with me so I’d prefer choosing a good one.

I’ve found these books and I am not sure of which one to start with:

  • Head First JavaScript
  • Eloquent JavaScript
  • You Don’t Know JS Series

Your question is confusing.

None of the books you listed deal with the above topic.

But here’s the source code

Drilling down on how JS engine (compiler) process your code is one way to learn JS, might be the longest way but if that’s what your brain demanded, you shall go down the rabbit hole :smile:

Most books will focus on practical point of view like how to use JS to create something, breaking down each part and explain how to use it. Mostly not explaining in detail how everything works under the hood.

YDKJS have something on Scope and explain what compiler does in context of scoping, you might want to learn compiler processes with that chunk instead of all at once. This will require you to find every feature JS has, learn it, see how it works with other features if there are overlap.

If that’s what you are curious about right now, go for it.

Here are 2 videos I found helpful regarding this matter:

  1. Event Loop https://youtu.be/8aGhZQkoFbQ
  2. JS Engine https://youtu.be/p-iiEDtpy6I

Have fun! :joy:

Thank you @owel and @ivanyapeter.

I am sorry I think that I’ve explained it in a wrong way :smile:
I think that drilling down JS engine is a further step and there are other stuff to learn before.

The books I mentioned have a lot of information that I don’t know and I would like to learn them and it’s somehow confusing to judge what’s the best of them to read.

@Lartwel YDKJS is the most “in the weeds” of the three you’ve mentioned. IMO it’s effectively targeted at intermediate+ practitioners, so it’s the correct choice.

Thank you. I think I’ll go for it

I can t really help you regarding those books, but this video might help you understand better what s happening under the hood. I think you wouldn t regret if you give it a try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv_5Zv5c-Ts
He explains very well and in depth what happens under the hood with examples and diagrams.I must tell you though that is not the complete course, only the 1 st 3.5 hours of it but if you think it teaches you what you need to know, you decide what to do after. Let me know if it was helpful for you. Have a great day :slight_smile:


I am already studying this course nowadays and it’s really great and helpful. He explains important concepts of the language in depth and how things act in the JS engine.
Thanks @Osiris :slight_smile:

Yes he does. He mostly explains what happens behind the scenes. He s a great instructor. I took his course already and saw all of it. Also he has other course for Node Js if u ll even be interested to learn NodeJs in depth. Happy codding :smiley: