What kind of hosting do I need if I'm going to use MERN stack?

I was studying on my own for the past few months. But I never did a project on my own. I’m trying to build some website for my friends. I’m learning React right now, so it will be nice if I build the website with React. I was looking at the hosting providers. But got very confused on what kind of hosting do I need. I want to find the cheapest way to host it. Any advice on which hosting service should I choose ? Or should I use WordPress and get share hosting instead? I need to build a website for a job service provider and an auto dealer. They both are small business with no employees but themselves.

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If you need good quality Hosting then Name-cheap.
But Name cheap is little bit costly.

or you need every low cost hosting then
But Unlimited GB the server will down once a 15 day for 30 mins.

do you need a back-end or not? because it’s highly different what you need for one or the other