What other resources are best applied with FCC following the entire map?


FCC is the first web platform that’s kept me interested while learning to code and I’m loving it! I couldn’t be more engrossed.

I’ve searched through the forum here to try and get a good grasp on how people are getting on and to sum up what other resources work well in conjunction with FCC.

So to those of you that’s completed your journey though the map, what other learning platforms implements well alongside FCC?

I don’t know how you could have come up short … Every five minutes I spend on the forum I discover a new link !

Lots of books (search “learning Javascript” or Javascript Resources" and you’ll have lots of threads. ( You Don’t Know Javascript will pop up frequently, it’s also on Github).

Lots of platforms like Code Wars, CodinGame, HackerRank where you can practice algorithms.

Lots of MOOCs, whether on Coursera, Udemy (lots of sales), EdX (the famous CS50).


Sorry Tim, I should have made myself a litter clearer. What I meant was there have been so many mentions of all kinds of different resources it’d be hard to check all of them out!

I guess what I’m trying to do here is get a good understanding of what the most popular resources that get used here ALONGSIDE FCC are.

Thanks for the above. I’ll check those out.

Should get you started, forget about the time frame, if you like, but this post by @P1xt is a goldmine of resources. There are many other posts too as @timotheap said.

And for something lighter , try the net ninja on YouTube or even use his playlists on http://code-along.surge.sh/ !


From what I’ve seen (not that much I guess) : You Don’t Know Javascript (book),

The Net Ninja (youtube),

and…MDN Javascript, MDN everything :slight_smile:

It’s also mostly about what works for you…so yes, you sort of have to give at least a quick look at it to see if it could be a good fit.

For example I did a few things on CodeCademy but really don’t count it as one of my go-to, and I know others who actually found it useful to get the basics.

CS50 gets amazing reviews - for me I was put off by the stand-up comedy show style which means I’ll need time before I get back to it and actually start learning. Pff. I’m such a squirrel.


they’re becoming my staples too. MDN daily, YDKJS whenever I am waiting, and the net ninja whenever I can :nerd:


Appreciate all recommended. MDN - Mozilla Developer Network? You’re right, I should check out everything, as what may not work for others may work for me.

You’d be right in assuming it’s not much I’ve done just yet. I’m not even onto JS on FCC. Currently going through Bootstrap.

Definitely checking out CS50. That’s a mention I have seen before. With CodeCademy, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I couldn’t stay connected.

Oh dear - I never meant you were not that far :flushed: ! When I said “not that much I guess”, I meant that I haven’t seen all the links and references given on the forums !

Good luck anyway - as for me I still spend a lot of time checking new links etc…and after a while I just think I should stick with one until I can’t take it anymore. Otherwise I spend more time browsing than actually learning.

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Pha! I see what you mean, It’s fine :slight_smile: You’re right though. Sometimes I sit down to get to get some learning in and find myself constantly finding new links and resources. Then I realise 2 hours have gone by only to have a bookmarks folder with 50 links!

The shame.

Anyway, I’ve searched in the forum what you’ve said and by the looks of things you’ve both given me 3-4 good core resources to be referencing and learning alongside FCC. So exactly what I’m looking for.

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This is sooooo true !

Now let’s hope this made you gain some time :slight_smile: …and I should also follow my own advice !

Good luck!

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Likewise, best of luck mate.

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I am in the same situation as you @aaronwithalaser. Thanks for the resources everyone.

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Good luck with everything @collonsGTR :slight_smile: If one of these don’t work out for you, let me know. I’ve only really started looking at CS50 so far.

Yeah, you too @aaronwithalaser, still not sure where to start though, there is so many resources. For the last 2 months, I have been jumping everywhere from doing courses on Udemy, then to the Net Ninja Youtube channel, then back to the FCC. I have no idea which I should stick with. I never get too far, which really gets frustrating to me because I really do not learn that much. Do you think I should just pick one and stick with it?

I think regardless of what you do, you should always keep FCC in a tab and use it as a map and course direction.

Seeing and using the map tab is one of the most useful things I have ever come across! Not only that, I’ve made it compulsory for me to actually complete each of the steps in the map. Even if I know what to do on that particular exercise, I still do it as it’s good to make it repetitive in my mind.

That’s a drawn out answer but I’m basically saying don’t stop using FCC regardless! This way you’re not stopping and starting and constantly going from one learning platform to another. The explanations aren’t the best, but i actually don’t think they were written to be so, hence using other resources alongside FCC.
I’ve checked net ninja out and I’m going to be referencing his videos more for situations where I’m perhaps struggling to grasp certain concepts where FCC don’t fully explain WHY I’m doing a certain thing.

I guess what it comes down to is not over burdening yourself with everything that’s out there. As the guys above mentioned, stick to one core learning application. Then use 2-3 other resources when stuck or you feel you need extra time with to fully understand why you’re doing something.

I mention above that I wasn’t too into CodeCademy, though I’m currently re-doing the html & CSS from the beginning! Really because although FCC explain everything well, the reasons for doing things are perhaps explained better with CodeCademy.

Basically TLDR; Stick to one core resource (FCC totally recommended) this way you aren’t stopping and starting like you mentioned. Then use and importantly, limit yourself to only 2-3 other resources to reference things you might be stuck on. Though nothings to say they can’t change in the future!

I’m using FCC and referencing different CodeCademy exercises when I need a better grasp on things. Then net ninja. That’s literally it. Once you move onto to learn JS and everything else, you’ll already know exactly what to use as other points of learning.

This is a much longer answer than I though I’d give you, so I’m sorry lol!

Thanks for the advice @aaronwithalaser. I will try to find my two or three resources and stick to them. I will definitely use the FCC! I am really thankful that there is such a great community and resource like this.


I’m doing Coursera’s Learn to Program: The Fundamentals. https://www.coursera.org/learn/learn-to-program/home/welcome.

It’s not JavaScript, but Python can replace PHP on the backend, and I find it really relevant to learning JavaScript as a programming language.