What other sources do others use?

What other sources does everyone use on here for extra understanding and places to practice and learn? I am mainly going for front end development. But I welcome all sources. And also what is your favorite spotify playlist to listen to when coding?

My go-to for looking things up is MDN, but mostly I just google and sift through results.

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Yeah, MDN is great. Googling is great. Often that leads to Stack Overflow. For specific libraries, you reference their docs. css-tricks has a nice guide to flex box to which I often refer.

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  • MDN for reference
  • wikipedia (!) for high level summaries on things I’ve never heard of
  • the official docs” for whatever I’m learning
  • rss feeds to keep track of new/current stuff going on right now

+1 MDN is awesome !
pick a recommended book.
Read articles on that topic at fcc / hashnode /any dev forum.

Also, in today’s world I feel there is too much information. So devise a plan and stay focused.

Hi @cowboyup993!

These are some of my favorite sources in addition to stackoverflow and mdn.

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