What are some good resources?

Hi, I know of some forums, like stackoverflow.com and https://www.w3schools.com/ and I find it great to have multiple resources and ways of studying programming.

My question: Do any of you know about some forums, books, or websites that you would recommend using? (That’s related to coding)

If you’re into javascript

“a smarter way to learn javascript” by Mark Myers is good.

Or if you want a challenge, visit hackerank. They provide a challenge for a lot language. Don’t forget that youtube, friends, etc is also your resources too.


Is a good all around web resource to learn and as a reference material.

is another constructive, inclusive developer network.

There are a lot out there depending on what your focusing on though :slight_smile:, I just provided the 2 that I personally use often to learn new things, and as a reference :slight_smile:


Thanks! These sites are exactly what I was looking for. :grinning:

I was going to suggest that book :laughing: It’s really good.

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Thank you! :grinning:

I will definitely check out those resources. And yes, YouTube is indeed a very good learning tool. I use it a lot (maybe a little too much).
Unfortunately, I come from a very small town, so none of my friends are into programming.

Umm… I always visit youtube, w3school, MDN something I forgot, stackoverflow for asking, and of course this site too :wink:

Beyond very good if you find a good channel suit to your need

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Well, I will recommend the Beginner’s Guide to C and The Joy of PHP books. Both books are for beginners.

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