Your Thoughts on W3schools

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I usually just use W3Schools as a quick reference. They do have some comprehensive stuff but it is not enough but hey, I use it as additional resource besides MDN and more resources means more examples and stuff that can help you understand a concept even further (of course, this depends on the quality of your resource).

About additional websites, I just mentioned MDN. I know you’re not asking for this but you can also look up on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) about that topic (esp. for beginners). Examples of such are edX, Coursera, and SkillShare.

There’s also a bunch of programming notes on a bunch of programming languages on this site (including on JavaScript and PHP) in case you want an offline resource sort of thing.

If you still finding other resources, you can check out my resource list I’ve compiled (TRULY I am shameless plugging now, I know :wink:).

This reply actually took longer than I expected so I’ll stop typing words now.

Good luck and happy coding! :coffee:
Sincerely, fellow newb
(P.S. of course I forgot, you can check out fCC’s guide and DevDocs; I very much recommend both of these as well)


That is a ton of info right there. Good thing you stopped typing (jk :joy: :joy:). I’ll be sure to check them all out. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this info, Foo_Dog!

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I love w3schools! I’ve been paid to basically copy and paste code from w3schools (with some modification) A LOT for work and it works fine :100: You just have to know how to modify the code.

Other resources I’ve used are:

@Foo_Dog mentioned some good stuff as well :heart: :slight_smile:

W3schools is awesome. Very good online tutorial for beginners. Free, and with lots of examples. The only negative is that there are no projects and it is not too deep.

Well 1 year sure has passed and my opinions are completely different. Their curriculum is quite deep for the beginner that I was back then. Only thing is that their site is often accused of being outdated. Now my go-to reference for front end stuff is MDN. I don’t recommend starting with W3Schools and I also don’t recommend taking HTML/CSS/JS lessons seriously because 1) You’ll never remember what you don’t use daily 2) Thank God for Google 3) Most of front end is just concepts and there are tons of articles just waiting to be read 4) There are many frameworks and libraries that make front end development a breeze so some of the most obscure things you may never use.

You kind of take what you need and get going.

Yeah, it’s quite deep for beginners only. I completely agree with you that MDN is a must for a web developer. It’s sort of a Web Development Bible :slight_smile: Nevertheless, MDN can be difficult for beginners because there is too much information for newbies. So, w3schools can be a good starting point. Also, learning theory not building projects is not a good idea. Only building projects a person can really learn the concept.

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You need to be able to read in order to make it in any kind of software development to be honest. It’s unavoidable. With that being said, yes W3Schools can be a good starting point for reading docs for beginners. You’ll wanna graduate onto MDN, caniuse, Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, etc eventually.

What about freecodecamp as a platform for learning ? I am rather starting my web journey and i wonder what is better to start with, i mean the way of getting knowladege and practice it. Thanks

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Well, all coding websites have their good things and bad things about learning.
I use W3S for things I need to look up, freecodecamp as a main, codecademy for extra things if I want to completely learn about a language, and Khan Academy for basics. All of them are good, but together are SO GREAT.

multi-site learning is a good thing.

FreeCodeCamp is a good start.

There is a lot of good starter resources out there for beginners to the point that I think what’s “better” is just a matter of teaching approach rather than quality and coverage.

It’s best to start with any learning platform that people highly recommend and commit on working on it for a suitable amount of time.

It’s not necessary to finish everything you start though. For example, I finished most of FreeCodeCamp’s frontend sections but there are certain parts that I find lacking. I can just use different resources to work on those gaps.


I use W3Schools just as a reference every once in a while.

If you want to learn a subject, I’d recommend looking at Of course freeCodeCamp is great for HTML, CSS, JS, D3, and the other ones it has. But when you want to dive a bit deeper & get into other topics, check out Academind.

Freecodecamp can be good to get your feet wet but it barely scratches the surface. There is more you’ll need to familiarize with. After that really its a matter of googling when you want that element which does x but forgot its name or the built in function that does y.

Udemy: Online Courses - Learn Anything. This is best online source that is a perfect alternative for W3schools.