What productivity apps and websites do you use and would recommend?

Hello beautiful people,

I’m a workaholic (or rather the academic equivalent of one). Although I like to think I’m productive and follow Quincy’s tips for time hacking, there’s always room for improvement. Productivity apps have taken the world by storm. At the moment, I’m only using KanbanFlow for project-cum-task management. Personally, it has changed my life. Now I’m looking for apps in some other categories and I’m curious to know what productivity apps and websites you all use and would recommend to others in the following categories:

  1. Time tracking (with data analysis): Although KanbanFlow provides a “Work log” that tells you how much time you spent on your tasks and projects on any given day and the number of Pomodoros you completed (it comes with a built-in Pomodoro timer as well as a stopwatch), it doesn’t actually do anything with the data. I’m looking for an app that not only records the time I spend on my tasks and projects daily but also provides productivity statistics (weekly, monthly and yearly) as well as generates stuff like bar charts and histograms that give a visual summary of where my time is being spent.

  2. To-do list: Although KanbanFlow allows you to set daily tasks that you would like to accomplish, I think it’s more suitable for long-term project management.

  3. (Gamified) goal-tracking: For goals that are not career-related and which you would like to track daily, such as “Run for at least 4 km every day”, “Do 25 push-ups every day”, “Code for at least an hour every single day”, New Year’s resolutions, etc.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate all replies.

Trello is great for tasks and sharing work with team mates for development. I use asana with BD guys and content , that’s pretty easy considering it nags you a lot on the email. For self, I use Week Plan because of its a pretty light web app and has some cool features. Essentially use it for separating work/life things I keep forgetting. The parking lot feature is pretty sweet too.

I spend the majority of my time in the terminal so I enjoy using TaskWarrior and TimeWarrior. I use an online service to sync my database and then I can sync my tasks with the TaskWarrior app. It’s not for everyone but it works for me.