What program to use to program API's on a PC?

Hi, I’m a complete newbie to writing API’s. One of the video’s from freeCodeCamp is using a Mac to write them, and I have no idea what to program these in to do the same. Like I said, i’m a newb, so I need a fairly dumbed down explanation of the app to use and directions to download it. Thanks!

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘program an API’. An API is just a way for two pieces of code to talk to each other, so their are lots of ways to make an API. What are you trying to make your code do?

I’m following a freeCodeCamp youtube video which is pulling data from spotify and returning summaries of the data. The instructor is using the command line with his Mac. I’m not sure how to use an equivalent to a command line with my PC. I tried writing code in powershell to pull the data but to no avail. Same with the command line. I’m trying curl to practice. I think it should be fine.

@crobaseball Post your code in a reply to this topic, so someone can take a look at what you have tried so far.