What’s the deal with the Twitch.tv challenge?

Hi everyone,

sorry if this is a common question but I am about to start my Twitch.tv challenge and like this poster @marcnshapiro mentions back in Aug 2016 Does Twitch actually work? , I am having a hard time finding a project that actually works.

Not even the sample project in the zipline seems to work https://codepen.io/FreeCodeCamp/full/Myvqmo/ as when I click on a channel (only three channels show, and only one of them is online), it takes me to twitch but the streaming window just sits there with a loading spinner. I tried this on both Chrome and FireFox and they both do the same thing.

i also found this post by @santakmishra Let's discuss your "Twitch.tv App" listing quite a few completed projects but none of them seem to work either.

What am I missing?


The sample project works fine.
The reason only three channels show up is because it’s programmed to only get data from those three channels. You can add more to the channels array it loops through, and they’d show up as well.

Hi @Zekany, thanks. But I am not getting any streams from the channels that do show up, just a spinner. If i go to the twitch homepage i can see streams. are you having this issue or is it just me?


I think it’s on your (browser?) side, I can see the on- and offline channels.

Hi, thanks @Topzie, i think its a Chrome thing actually. I just cut and pasted the online channel https://www.twitch.tv/esl_sc2 into FireFox and its working. It doesnt work in Chrome. Hmmm… okay, i can work with this.

Thanks guys


Often people’s projects on Codepen break over time for one reason or another. I think once someone gets something working and they move on to the next challenge the old projects are more or less neglected. So for some things it can be hard to find a working example.

I checked my old Twitch TV Challenge and it is still working, and seems to be working in Chrome as well, if you want to take a look.

Hi @rickstewart, thanks for that. You have a nice working example there.
But your online channels are comming up with 404 errors.


Still, i think i have enough info from this post to build something that works. If only for a little while :slight_smile:


That’s a Codepen thing. If I remember it was always that way. If you run the application locally instead of on Codepen it works. I never found a way around the problem.

@rickstewart thanks for the heads up. You’ve probably just saved me hours of pain :slight_smile:


I don’t get the 404 error with his onlone channels.
Is mine showing all channels?

Hi @Topzie, your pen seems to be working listing both online and offline channels. I am not getting 404 errors when clicking a channel, but twitch seems to be just showing a spinner once i arrive on their site. I am not sure why this seems a common issue with the pens i am looking at.

I am sure i’ll know more when i start building my own.